Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gyms 4, 5 , 6

I forgot to post after beating these gyms so ill just update my pokemon

Eevee lvl 32
Quilava lvl 26
Scyther lvl 25 - Straight in out for Spinirak who was not great
Poliwhirl lvl 26
Sudowoodo lvl 21
Togepi lvl 24

Monday, 10 January 2011

After Gym 3 Whitney

After dealing with the below par trainers
it was time to face Whitney
Ive found that she is one of the hardest due to the levels of my party at this time in the game
It took a few tries but eventually after togepi taking down her clefairy
her miltank fell due to being confused by togepi's sweet kiss and poisoned by spinirak's poison sting
poliwags hypnosis rounded off the immobilisation of the pretty tough pokemon
After gaining my badge i walk out and head for gym #5

Levels after this gym
Togepi lvl 22 (shaping up to be a good pokemon)
Poliwag lvl 19
Spinirak lvl 15 ( still lagging behind and probably will do till it evolves)
Quilava lvl 21

Sunday, 9 January 2011

After Gym 2 Bugsy

I forgot this one was bugsy...
i hate having one pokemon ( normally the starter) that races off in level...
my party after Gym 2
Spinarak lvl 14 (its proving a handful)
Poliwag lvl 17
Togepi lvl 18 ( now knows swift as metronome has low pp , its awesome for a baby pokemon)
Quilava lvl 21 ( as above )

My togepi raged through the rockets in the slowpoke well , swift is proving usefull...
Bugsy's pokemon didnt stand a chance against Quilava...

After Gym 1 Falkner

Party after 1st gym in crystal
Togepi lvl 11
Poliwag lvl 12
Spinarak lvl 11
Quilava lvl 18

i never normally catch this many pokemon at this stage in the game
togetic and typhlosion are part of my dream squad
aswell as umbreon
Poliwag is going to be my main water type and poliwrath later adds the fighting
Spinarak is a good little bug pokemon , not really needed in gyms as quilava can take out grass with ease
im currently just boost training togepi untill about level 15 then ill raise the rest of my party up to 15 also :)

Ive been Playing Pokemon Crystal lately and im going to start posting videos with commentary of me playing red after i play crystal :)